Welcome to the very first step!

In this quick article, we will show you how to get started with Let’s Enhance.

You will learn:

How to increase the resolution of your picture.
How to improve colors in a second.
How to change the tones of your picture to make it more smooth.


If you're using our platform for the first time, you can start the sign up process by clicking on the center of this page or click Create an account: https://letsenhance.io

Use our new uploader to batch upload and process up to 20 images. You may consider the uploader as your staging area from now on.


Operations Tab

All of our operations are available under the Operations tab!

You can now combine upscaling with color and tone at different intensity levels, all under one process. You can even combine color and tone without upscaling.

Upscale to redraw missing details. Add new information to the image by increasing its resolution. Select an algorithm you want to use for upscaling. Smart Enhance, Photo or Digital Art, where all optimized for specific use-cases. You can also use older versions of our algorithms.
Select the Size you need for your image or go with the Auto settings. You can input a custom height and width and set a DPI of your choice.
Use Color and Tone enhancements to automatically adjust color, brightness, contrast, and exposure.

Upscale types

Select size

Color and Tone

Presets Tab

The Presets tab has 3 predefined presets. They carry the same functionality as the Operations tab by combining all the different settings into a one-click process.


We collected in the Printing preset the most popular printing formats for you to prepare your image in a click.

Printing presets

Click Start processing and wait a few moments. Now you are ready to download the image and get the result!
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