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How to get started with Let's Enhance 2.0?

Hello and welcome aboard!

We know how important the first impression is! And how clumsy it may feel to try new software for the very first time. So, by creating this all-in-one guide we've tried to combine the two: make you fall in love with Let's Enhance at first sight ❤️ and help to kickstart your adventure with us! Ready?

Within the next couple of minutes you will learn:

how to increase the resolution of your photos
how to improve colors in seconds
how to change tones of your images to make them smoother
how to quickly adjust photos for printing or e-commerce
how to generate images from text

and much more!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Create an account

If you're using our platform for the first time, please sign up! You can do that by clicking anywhere on the header or just click Create an account:

We give you 10 free image processing credits for the start, so you can see Let's Enhance in action!

💡 Read more: Why do I need to create an account to access photos?

After signing up, please check your inbox for the email with confirmation link allowing you to access your brand new account. Once you're in, you will be headed directly to Image enhancement page, where you can start processing your first photos 📸

Step 2: Image processing

IMAGES TO PROCESS area on Image enhancement dashboard, is where you can upload photos you'd like to enhance:

Use our Uploader area to batch upload and process up to 20 images at a time. You may consider the uploader as your staging area from now on

💡 Learn more:

What type of images I can use with Let’s Enhance?
What type of images I can’t use with Let’s Enhance?

MY IMAGES area, just below the IMAGES TO PROCESS, is where your enhanced images are ready to be downloaded:

💡 Learn more:

How to download processed photo?
How to delete an image?


All of our operations are available under the OPERATIONS tab in the right sidebar:

Within the OPERATIONS tab, you can adjust the Upscale type, customize Size values (Width & Height and DPI), apply Light AI (HDR effect). Head to Advanced options to further Remove background (remember to save file as PNG after), enhance Tone and Color or change the output file format

💡How it works?

select the Upscaling type that fits your image enhancement use case to redraw missing details. Decide on an algorithm that suits your editing needs: Smart enhance, Digital Art, Image with Text, Old Photo (legacy Photo upscale type) or Magic (beta). We optimized all our editing algorithms based on the type of image you will edit.
select the Size you need for your image or go with the Auto settings. You can input a custom height and width and set a DPI of your choice
adjust Light AI to enhance the light (exposure), colors (saturation), depth (contrast), and detail of your photos with one switch of a button
apply Color and Tone enhancements to automatically adjust color, brightness, contrast, and exposure

💡 Learn more: Which operations work best for different types of photos?


Presets allow you to conveniently adjust photos for printing, combining the set of operations for efficient image processing.

Upscale your design to most popular printing dimensions with one click

Click Start processing and wait for a while. Now you are ready to download the image and get the results!

💡 Learn more:


Create high quality images in seconds with AI

Access the feature from the upper tab:

Render highly realistic faces, landscapes, and objects with our text-to-image AI generator.

Write the prompt of what you want to visualize - no need to make it too explicit (4 words are enough) and hit the Generate button from here:

or adjust with our Advanced setups:

Generating images does not deduct any credits unless you decide to download the file

Learn more: How to use text-to-image AI Image generation?

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How long does image processing take?

Up next: Which operations to choose?

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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