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What are Presets and which one should I choose for my photos?

Need a quick photo fix for the web?

We know it can be a hassle to adjust your photos for the web or print! We have created several types of presets that you can use whenever you want to make your photos look great for printing or publishing!

Use predefined presets for fast and efficient photo editing results


Presets allow to conveniently adjust photos for printing

To find those settings, simply head to the right sidebar panel, and choose PRESETS tab:


It's a combination of the Old Photo algorithm and a variety of output formats for printing purposes (such as posters, photos, and international papers). Enough said, this preset is designed for all your printing needs. Once your photos have been enhanced with the necessary upscaling, you can adjust their size for printing.

Note that it does not work well with blurred images.

Select the desired size for:

Legal papers

and process your photos!

If you need to upscale your photos before printing, process them using your preferred operations, then download and upload again to apply print presets

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Updated on: 17/07/2024

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