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How long does image processing take?

How long does the image processing take?

Image processing time depends on the input file size and upscaling values applied. In accordance to this, small images processing will take only a couple of seconds. Editing large images (or applying high upscaling values), requires considerable computing capacities, which may result in processing time up to several hours.

Usually, it takes as little as couple of seconds for your image to be ready to download!

For example:

small images - couple of seconds to half an hour
small images with high upscaling values - could take up to 1h
large images - could take up to 1,5h
large images + high upscaling values - could take up 2,5h

If it takes longer to process your image, this can be considered as the technical issue

When it takes longer for your images to process than its described here, and their status does not change for several hours, please give us a shout to

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Updated on: 11/08/2022

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