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What type of images I can’t use with Let’s Enhance?

Is there any type of images that I can't enhance with LE?

You can increase the resolution for ANY picture. From 500x500 to 2000x2000, from 800x800 to 3200x3200 or from 2000x2000 to 8000x8000. You get the point.

The main idea behind our solution, except the resolution, is pretty simple. We can:

remove JPG artifacts (those ugly pixels)
restore the details
improve colors and tones
and make the image look better overall

However, as we are using artificial intelligence to do all of these, there are a few cases when the only one thing we can do is increase the resolution. Here are a few of them:

1. Motion

When the picture was made in a motion, we can’t make it look focused.

2. Blur

The same thing with a blur. Some type of it we can remove, but in most cases, it’s not the best thing to try. 

3. Security cameras

For now, it’s quite hard to turn the picture made by a security camera into a detailed image where it’s possible to notice all the details. 

4. Dark

Pictures made with a lack of light are also not so good to enhance colors and tones.

Please, notice that we have a dedicated team working on solving all of the problems. But the technical side of the question is just too complicated to provide the best possible results all the time. The best that you can do is to play around with different images and filters, just to get the value on those of them which are a good fit for our AI.

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Pro Tip: And remember, that you always will get a 4 times bigger resolution. So even if you don’t see any changes, for some cases it might be enough to get the result out.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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