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How to check the result?

Want to see the before and after results?

We spend our days working to improve the technology. Sometimes the difference between the original image and the Let's Enhance edition is not so obvious. That's why we've created a side-by-side comparator.

Once your image has been processed, you can compare the before and after results by clicking the Expand button in the bottom right corner or anywhere on the processed image thumbnail (except for the Download buttons):

By navigating the zoom bubble, you can see exactly how and by how much the image has been improved in quality, where details have been restored, light has been corrected, and so on.
Satisfied with the result? You're ready to download your design!

The higher the quality of the input image, the less significant the end result may be. However, if you aim to upscale your image not only in quality but also in size, you will get the expected result.

Updated on: 21/04/2024

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