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Why do I need to create an account to access photos?

Why do you need to register an account on Let's Enhance to start processing images?

We ask you to create the account in order to keep your data safe and give you a possibility to access your processing history in case you need it.

Images are deleted from the uploader area after 30 days of their import

After creating an account at ours, we provide you with 10 free credits, so you can test out our platform. This way, you can verify if this is the tool you were looking for to enhance your images. In the rare occasion that you're not happy with the results, you can delete you account any time or give us a shout on the Support at, and we'll be happy to help you out!

We give you 10 free credits on your free trial, so you can see Let's Enhance in action!

Having an account also enables you to revisit your gallery and download images you processed in the past. We store your photos in encrypted form on our servers, what guarantees that no one can access them, except you.

If not deleted earlier, images are removed from our servers permanently after 6 months of their processing

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Updated on: 13/10/2023

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