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Dashboard features & operations update: April 2024

What are the changes to our operations in the latest interface update?

We're changing for your convenience!


Here's a guide to the latest updates and name changes to our networks:

Smart Enhance became our default network: enables versatile upscaling for a variety of photos such as nature, architecture, products, real estate, and food, enhancing clarity and detail.

Digital Art remains unchanged

Smart Resize has been renamed Image with Text: mildest changes to the image, remains the best net for product images with captions.

Photo, the network used to enhance digital camera and phone photos, is now called Old Photo: still best for early digital or noisy photos, this upscaler gently smoothes noise with minimal risk of artifacts.

Creative has been replaced by Magic (beta): still our strongest upscaler, combining creativity and magic. Great for AI art, food and landscape photography.

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Real estate and E-commerce presets are no longer available

While the Printing preset remains our most popular predefined set of operations, we have removed the Real Estate & E-commerce presets from the interface.
If you have been using these and would like to continue to achieve the results of the deprecated operations, please see how you can work around this:

for E-commerce we use Old Photo with factor 2x and tone AI with value 70

for Real estate it’s again an Old Photo with factor 2x light AI 100, tone AI 30

Advanced options

If you want to fine-tune the enhancement of your photos, you can find more features in the Advanced Options:

Remove background
Enhance tone and color
or change the output file format

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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