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How do I change the output image filetype?

Do you need to conform to a specific image output format?

In this article you'll find out what output file formats you can choose when enhancing your images with LE Web Platform.

The default output file type of the processed image is JPEG, unless otherwise selected.

OPERATIONS - Upscale Type

If you process your images with Upscaling Types (Smart enhance, Digital Art, Image with Text, Magic or Old Photo) without selecting a specific image output format from the 'Save to Format' drop-down list, they will all be saved by default to JPEG:

However, you can use the Save to format drop-down list to select your preferred output file format from JPEG, PNG, and AUTO when editing with Upscaling Types.

To do that:

head to the Show advanced options tap in the right bottom corner (just above the Start processing button)
Save to format
choose from JPEG, PNG & AUTO

The file output format has to be set on each session whenever the demanded file has to be different than JPEG



The Printing preset always converts your output images according to the original input files, i.e. (Input Image JPEG is converted to Output Image JPEG; Input Image PNG is converted to Output Image PNG; Input Image WebP is converted to Output Image JPEG).

Print Default 👉🏻 No selection
Input JPEG = Output JPEG
Input PNG = Output PNG
Input WebP = Output JPEG

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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