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What is the maximum image size I can process?

What is the maximum image size I can process?

Image processing and enhancement using neural networks is a very resource-intensive process.

Therefore, some limits have been set:

Free plans: input image maximum 8 MP
Personal plans: input image 64 MP, and 50 MB
E-commerce Preset: 16 MP, and 50 MB
Real Estate Preset: 64 MP, and 50 MB

Free plans - output up to 8 MP
Paying plans - output up to 256 MP (platform always rounds to 256 MP)
Business plans - output up to 500 MP

The limit on the maximum image file size you can upload to our site - it is 50 megabytes for free and paid users.

E-commerce Preset allows you to upload images up to 16 megapixels and 50 megabytes. Printing Preset and Real Estate Preset have the same upload requirements as free accounts and paid personal plans.

Please contact us if you need to process larger images. Drop us a line at with information about the image size and your use case.

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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