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How can I save downloaded photos to camera roll?

How to download your processed image to the camera roll on your phone?

Once you processed an image on your phone using Let's Enhance, you can now download it to the Files app on your phone:

By default, files downloaded from the web browser are saved to the Files app on your phone

When that's done, you can now proceed to add this photo to your camera roll and use accordingly to current requirements:


To download processed photo to your iPhone camera roll:

head to the Files app
tap on the selected picture
find the download button in the bottom left corner
select Save Image
open the Photos app and find your downloaded image


To download processed image to your gallery, head to the Files app and:

select the picture to open in full view
navigate to the three dots in the right upper corner
tap Save
find saved image in your Gallery app (TextFree folder)


tap on the photo and hold
choose Save when the button appears
find your file in the Gallery app (TextFree folder)

How to download images with Samsung browser?

If you have just started using the Samsung Internet browser, then you might struggle to download any files.

Due to the browser's internal settings, the download sometimes doesn't take place

Listed below are instructions for fixing a problem with downloading your processed images:

launch the Samsung Internet browser on mobile
open Let's Enhance Website and navigate to the 'Processed Images' area, select the picture to open in full view, and navigate to the three dots in the right upper corner
tap and hold the file to get a pop-up button
hit on 'Save' button to download the file

How to view Downloaded Files on Samsung Internet:

Once you have downloaded a file, the next step is to check whether the file was successfully downloaded

Here are the steps to view download files from Samsung Internet:

launch the Samsung Internet on your Android device
tap on the 'three horizontal lines' icon for the options list
select the Download menu button

This will open a list of all downloaded files in the Samsung Internet browser 👍🏻

Updated on: 17/07/2024

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