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How can I upscale an illustration/drawing?

Use Let's Enhance to improve the quality of illustrations, drawings, etc.


Upscale type
Digital art

Digital Art is worth trying to produce a higher-quality of your illustrations, drawings, paintings, cartoons and similar


Upscale Type Digital art supports the following scaling up:

Digital art allows to increase your pictures by Custom Factor 4x, or by applying 'Auto' settings

DEPENDENCE - when to apply Light AI, Tone Enhance and Color Enhance

Light AI - to balance out colours and fix lightning in your images

Tone enhance - for higher dynamic range

Color enhance - to increase saturation, and provide brightness adjustments

To prevent artificial lighting of your processed images after selecting Light AI, it is not recommended to apply Tone and Color enhancers.
For Tone Enhance or Color Enhance, intensity levels of 15-30 will be good starting points, providing you hadn't previously applied Light AI.
However, there's always a space to adjust their intensity further up to when the demanded level/satisfying outcome is achieved.


Printing Preset

Want to print out your illustrations while keeping them aligned to specific resolutions?

Making posters is easy with our custom Printing Preset, which allows you to select the relevant output resolution formats.

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Updated on: 22/09/2022

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