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How to configure download settings in your Microsoft Edge Browser?

Are you having problems downloading from the Let's Enhance Web platform using the Microsoft Edge browser?

This isn't a big hassle. Let's walk together 😎

In case you are having trouble downloading your processed images or auto-generated invoices with Microsoft Edge, here are a few settings you should check. As long as you keep your browser up to date and configure your antivirus settings correctly, you shouldn’t have any more problems.

1. First and foremost, make sure you're using up to date version of your Microsoft Edge browser

To check if you are using the latest Edge version, click the three-dot menu from the top-right corner and open Settings. Then, from the left-hand menu, select About Microsoft Edge.

Edge should display the Microsoft Edge is up to date message if you are using the latest version. Or it could inform you there’s an update available, and you should restart the browser to install it.

Usually, Microsoft Edge installs any available updates on its own. But if you’re using a metered connection, you might have to manually update the browser to keep it running smoothly.
To fix this problem and have Edge update on its own, you should configure its settings. Navigate to edge://settings/help and turn on the toggle next to Download Updates over metered connections.

2. Use InPrivate Mode

One of the installed browser extensions may have a bug or glitch that stops Edge from downloading files. To use Edge without the extensions, open the browser menu and click New InPrivate Window or use the Ctrl + Shift +N shortcut.

If you can download files from the InPrivate window, disable all extensions and re-enable them one by one. This way, you can identify which one is causing you trouble.

3. Change the Download Location

If you can’t download files while using Edge, you should look at the download location. Maybe your computer doesn’t have any free space, or the download path became unavailable. In this case, changing the download location should fix the problem.

Open the browser’s menu:

Head to Settings > Downloads.
Click Change next to Location and set a new download path.
Check if Edge can now download files.

4. Check Antivirus Settings

If you still can’t download files after changing the download path, you should check your antivirus settings. Your antivirus might block internet downloads to protect your computer from malware, which is why Edge can’t download anything.

5. Reset Edge

If you can’t identify anything wrong with your antivirus or browser settings, you should try reverting Edge settings to their default values. This will remove data associated with Edge, such as browser cookies, but will keep favorites, history, and saved passwords.

To reset Edge, open the browser Settings menu and select Reset settings. Then, click Restore settings to their default values > Reset.

6. Repair Edge

If you notice Edge crashes or freezes besides the inability to download files, repairing the app will get it to function correctly again.
Open Settings and go to Apps > Apps & features. Select Microsoft Edge and click Modify. In the pop-up window, click Repair.

Should you continue to encounter download issues, please try several other browsers. If it doesn't work out, give a shout to our Care Team so we can assist you right away.

Updated on: 17/07/2024

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