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Why I didn't receive the full amount of my monthly refill of credits?

Looks like you didn't get your monthly refill of credits in full?

Subscription credits are refilled each month for as long, as the plan is active & paid. The only possible reason why you didn’t receive all of your monthly credits, is that your plan has already reached its maximum roll-over limit. So in case, that your monthly allowance of credits did not arrive in full, yet your account was charged, please check your account's Balance:

head to My account
click the Balance button

You will see there, whether there's still a space for your monthly credit refill.

We allow for unused credits to roll-over for future use, rather than let them expire on a monthly basis

In accordance to Let’s Enhance Subscription Policy, each personal plan has its credits storage limit set to 6 monthly budgets. For instance, per the ‘100 Images Monthly Plan’, you will be able to roll over a maximum of 600 credits, while with the ‘300 Images Monthly Plan’, its credit rollover limit of 6 monthly budgets will equal 1800 credits.

Make sure to use your credits storage limit, so there will be space for your monthly refilled credits

💡 Once your account's limit is reached, you can't enroll overage credits. Depending on your situation, we have several options for you, such as using your subscription credits to free up space for your monthly refilled amount, upgrading your plan to increase roll-over capacity, or downgrading your plan if you don't need so many credits.

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Updated on: 20/04/2024

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