Looks like you didn't get your monthly refill of credits?

Subscription credits are refilled each month for as long, as the plan is active & paid, and there's still capacity left on your account. So in case, that you see that your monthly allowance of credits did not arrive, yet your account was charged, please check your account's Balance:

head to My account
click the Balance button

You will see there, whether there's still a space for a new credits batch.

Make sure to use your credits for image processing, so there's a space for monthly credits renewal

💡 We allow for unused credits to roll-over to the next month rather than let them expire on a monthly basis. But this can happen only up to your plan's capacity, which is to up to 6 times your monthly credits refill allowance: 100 Images Monthly plan allows for 6 x 100 credits storage, 300 Images Monthly plan allows for 6 x 300 credits storage, and so on. Read more here 👇🏻

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