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Where did my credits go?

Logged in to your account and can't see any credits even though, you're sure there were here the last time?

We have two types of credits to use when processing images on Let's Enhance:

Subscription credits (with expiration policy)
Pay as you go credits (non-expirable)

What's the difference?

Subscription credits

Subscription credits are part of our monthly or annually renewed plans. They underlay the policy of expiration if the subscription has been terminated or we couldn't collect the payment for your chosen plan.

Subscription credits expire immediately when the account gets deleted, or 30 days from the last successfully collected payment

💡 If your credits expired due to subscription cancellation, please note that if you renew your subscription with us within the next 6 months, we will be able to add the remaining credits from your previous purchases back to your balance (up to the new plan's capacity, which is 6x monthly refill). To do this, simply contact our support team at

Subscription plans can be found on our Pricing page here:

for freelance & professional use:

and for Business:

Only Subscription credits can expire after plan's termination or in case when multiple payment collection attempts have failed

Pay as you go credits

Pay as you go credits can be purchase in bundles and are valid until you decide to use them. The can be found in our Pricing page here:

Pay as you go credits don't underlay the expiration policy, meaning they do not expire even if you don't have any subscription running

Still unsure, why your credits are missing? Give us a shout on the Support:

Updated on: 17/07/2024

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