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What is the Magic next-gen AI upscaler and how to use it?

How and when to use Magic upscaler?

Magic (beta) is our latest addition to our upscaler family. It is suitable for working on various types of photos where exact details are not critical, as its modification levels can affect changes in the original files (AI art, food, landscapes).

Reimagine the original image by creatively altering details!

What does this mean?

Magic can significantly enhance your images - the more intensive the levels of creativity applied, the more it affects the final result, including changes to details.

It works great with:

Digital art, including anime

Can be used for:

Photos of nature
Photos of people (provided creative alterations are acceptable)

How to use Magic (beta)?

Head to your dashboard and choose Operations > Upscale type > Magic (beta)

Upload an image to enhance

Add the prompt describing expected alterations (optional)
Although it is not a requirement, you can include a description of the results you expect.

Adding keywords such as HD, high detail, high resolution, ultra high quality, 8K, award winning photography, or editorial photography can result in spectacular improvements

Adjust Creativity and Resemblance levels

Creativity - defines the level of how far with alterations you want to go for

Choose from 1 to 30% to preserve original detail, 40 to 60% for vibrant enhancements, above 70% for more daring changes (although we do not recommend going beyond this level to avoid distortion or artifacts)

💡 We recommend setting Creativity levels between 10 and 40 percent to achieve substantial enhancement without significantly altering the details.

Resemblance - influences how much we try to be similar to the original image in smaller areas of the image

Adjust output file size

Leave on Auto, which by default doubles the size of the original input.
Customize the settings in Custom Factor with either x1, x2 or x4
Manually specify the dimensions and resolution in the Width & Height input option:

We preserve the original aspect ratio of your image, so if you specify one of the dimensions, width or height, the other will automatically adjust

Optional - specify the output file format

By default, the processed image will be JPEG unless otherwise selected. You can change the output file format to PNG in the Advanced options before processing:

Read more here: How do I change the output image filetype?

Start processing and download the results!

Creativity level at 40%
Resemblance levet at 50%

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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