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What pictures work best with Let’s Enhance?

Need to process your photos, but not sure whether it's possible on our platform?

Let's Enhance allows to process .JPG, .JPEG and .PNG files. These can be pictures taken by phone, digital camera, illustrations, nature, architecture, pictures with text, maps, drawings, etc. We also use algorithms for face enhancement, noise removal, sharpening, and more.

You can read about it here: What type of images I can use with Let’s Enhance?

The system works best on images that were not previously upscaled using any tool

If your photos were upscaled or scanned from the physical original, sometimes decreasing resolution before processing can yield much better results.

We equip you with 10 free credits at the beginning of your trial, so you can experiment with various settings

Read more: What type of images I can use with Let’s Enhance?

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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