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How to change the payment method?

How can I change the payment method at LE?

If you'd like to switch cards or change the payment method, for instance from PayPal to credit/debit card or to any other way around, you can do that. There are, however, different steps to follow, depending on your case.

Switching cards

Whenever you'd like to change your card attached to the Let's Enhance account, please head to:

My account: Billing
find the Payment method field
change your card by clicking Change card button

We accept all types of payment cards, except for Russian

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Switching between card and PayPal

If you'd like to change the payment method completely, from PayPal to pay by card, or from paying by card to PayPal, you have to cancel your current subscription first, to then only re-buy the chosen plan by using preferred payment method.

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Each plan is tied to specific payment method it was purchased with, so only after cancellation of a plan, you can change the payment method to another, purchasing subscription using the updated payment option

Upon cancellation of your subscription, your unused credits will roll over to the updated plan if the new payment is collected before the last billing date. For instance, if your last subscription was renewed each month on the 10th, then if the updated plan was bought before this monthly billing date, your balance will not expire.

Changing payment method in between your billing dates keeps your accumulated credits intact

If, however, you decide to change your payment method after the billing date (providing that we were not able to collect the payment for the previous plan for various reasons yet: your card expired, there are no funds on that account, etc.), please contact us on the support: as we need to cancel next payment attempts on our end.

After that, you can proceed to purchase the new plan and if your credits expired by then, we will be able to restore them back to your account (up to the new plan's capacity).

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Updated on: 17/07/2024

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