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I need to upscale small and low quality images. What can I do?

Need to improve condition of small and poor quality images?

Our algorithms apply noise reduction system whenever you upload images with the .jpg or .jpeg extension. But there's more you can do to your images of a low standard.

The upscale type Smart Enhance algorithm is a neural network designed specifically to edit low-quality small product images

How to use it:

head to the OPERATIONS tab
from the Upscale type choose Smart Enhance
leave the Size to Auto, or change to Custom 2x if you require to enlarge the photo
use Light AI for HDR effect
alternatively adjust tone and color within Tone Enhance and Color Enhance tabs

Do not use Light AI together with Tone and Color enhancers, as this may cause supersaturation

For Tone and Color enhance try to go for around 15 - 30 intensity levels for the start, if you hadn't previously applied Light AI

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Updated on: 11/08/2022

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