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Can I switch from monthly subscription to pay as you go?

Want to change your monthly plan to pay as you go credits?

You can do that any time, however your subscription credits will expire when you decide to drop off the monthly plan.

If you're currently on any of our monthly recurring subscriptions, yet you want to change the plan to Pay as you go, you have to cancel your monthly plan (this is how to do it), and purchase credits in bundles of the required amount.

Subscription credits are valid as long as the subscription is active

Once you cancel your monthly plan, your remaining credits will be available to use only for one month from the last successfully collected payment for that plan.

Credits in bundles (Pay as you go) can be purchased anytime and used anytime, meaning: they don't expire.

Pay as you go credits have no expiration date and are available to use anytime as required

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Updated on: 03/08/2022

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