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Can I keep my subscription credits if I cancel my plan?

How can I keep my current subscription credit balance if I cancel the plan?

Are you currently subscribed to one of our monthly/annual plans, but don't have any image processing work lined up for a while? Would you like to suspend your plan for the time being while keeping your accumulated credit balance?

Or your subscription expired/cancelled and you are afraid that your remaining credit will expire with it, which means you will lose current processing slots you have been saving for months?

Worry no more!

If you renew your subscription with us within the next 6 months since terminating the plan, we will be able to add the remaining credits from your previous purchases back to your balance*

To do this, simply contact our support team at 🤗

*we can restore your balance up to the new plan's capacity, which is 6x monthly credit refill

Updated on: 08/09/2023

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