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Here we are going to cover the best cases when you can use Let’s Enhance. No more words, let’s get to the details.

There is no limitation from our side on the type of picture you can use with Let’s Enhance. However, we are using artificial intelligence to re-draw the picture and sometimes it can work better. Let’s check a few most common use-cases when you can benefit from using this tool.

1. Nature

The first case is a photo of nature. Just as this example:

2. People
The next one is photos of people. This is one of the best even examples where you can get the most out of Let’s Enhance. We can restore the details, remove ugly pixels, and much more.

3. Architecture

Let’s face it. Almost all of us are traveling. And sometimes we find really great architecture or awesome buildings. Here is where the magic happens. 

4. Food

Food is the king of Instagram. There is a way how to make it look better in a second. Just by color improvement!

5. Logos

It’s one of the favorite cases of our marketer. When you are working on logos for your client or presentation, you can easily find the low-quality ones. Usually, only huge companies have a logo in different sizes and shapes. The problem is fixed. Better take a look:

6. Cartoons and art

In the case of cartoons and art, we do not change colors and just keep all lines smooth. The result?

7. Any image or just a small picture

As we already mentioned, you can increase the resolution for ANY picture. Even if you try to use any another image which was not listed above, you can expect to get 4 times bigger resolution. From 500x500 to 2000x2000, from 800x800 to 3200x3200 or from 2000x2000 to 8000x8000. You get the point.

Here we go! Now you know how which types of pictures are the best to use with Let’s Enhance. 

What about playing with all of them now?

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